I began making instrumentals in early 2010 with FL Studio. Since then I have made numerous instrumentals that are on Soundcloud and MyFlashStore. After selling my first instrumental to someone I did not know online I finally understood what it was like to make something from start to finish.

My music creativity comes from early rap and trap music I listened to growing up. My favorite artists included Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, 50 cent, and Eminiem. I have a lot of favorite producers and won't put the entire list here.

I noticed that a lot of artists, musiscians, producers, and content creators alike were not reaching potential fans because most of them would create tracks and just upload them to soundcloud and other audio only sites like it. I wanted to help get their audio content on more platforms like YouTube so they could reach a bigger audience. They could also monetize their content on YouTube. So I got into making video visuals with After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Moving from learning about making music to motion graphics I always had a drive to create something from nothing but a computer. It only felt right to also start making computer programs. I develop web scrapers, website front end and back ends, and even low level systems. If you had an idea but did not know how to put it into action I can always give you advice.


Feel free to contact me through email or on twitter. What you see on this site is what I have to offer (plus the links leading to other sites that hold my content). I do special requests for beats so contact me if you want to work on one or an entire project. I have many more instrumentals, graphics, and videos in the making. Stay tuned for more content.


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